I realized during Hurricane Katrina, that my photos, home videos, and important papers were the most precious things I owned and I was devastated to think that I had lost them.

It turned out that I was one of the fortunate few in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana whose house did not flood, and our belongings were safe, but I'll never forget the feeling of despair I experienced thinking that they were lost, and also the empathy I feel for those who lost everything.

A good friend said that when he has to leave his cherished collectibles at home, when evacuating for hurricanes, he simply places them in plastic bags and ties up the bags so that they are basically sealed. I couldn't believe that I had never thought of doing something so smart and so simple. I left all of my precious items in cardboard boxes, which in the case of a flood or even just a small roof leak, would have been ruined. Just placing them in plastic garbage bags and tying up the end could have made the difference between saving them and losing them.

In the case of Katrina, where the homes were immersed in 10 feet of water for two weeks, plastic bags may not have saved anything, but at least it would have provided a chance! is the answer!

I went through and found lots of storage items for people like us!
(people who periodically have to evacuate!)

The items below are listed as either Moisture Resistant, Water Resistant or Waterproof.
Please read their descriptions carefully.

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Connie Zimmermann